Who Are We

Bringing Joy to Players: Our Game Production Studio

In the summer of 2019, my brother Ioannis Tzavaras and I, Marios Tzavaras, decided to establish a game production studio. After extensive research, trial and error, and countless hours of work on our computers, we are proud to announce that our first finished game will soon be available on Steam.

Marios Tzavaras (Tzavis)

Self-taught 3D Artist – Music & SFX Production

My Journey into Game Development. As a restless creative spirit, I’ve always had a love for crafting imaginative stories and fantastical worlds. In game production, I finally found my calling and am passionate about bringing my ideas to life through interactive experiences.

Ioannis Tzavaras (ioanntza22)

Self-taugth Game Developer

I am driven by a love for bringing fantastical worlds to life through game development. Whether coding away or sipping a warm cup of coffee, I am constantly inspired and ready to bring my creative vision to life.

Our tools

Unreal Engine 5

We use unreal engine 5 to create our games. Here we would like to thank Epic Game for providing such a powerful tool for free and making it possible for small studios like us to exist!


To create the 3D models, we use blender. Another powerful free tool. Thanks to the blender team for the great work!


We use Audacity to edit and enrich our audio.


We use LMMS to compose and mix our music.

We focus on steam & epic games

As a studio, we focus on delivering high-quality pc games for Steam & Epic games, the world’s largest gaming platforms.

Our Itch.io page

As an indie studio, we are grateful for the support we receive from the indie game community. It is a pleasure to be a part of it. One essential platform for indie gaming studios is itch.io, and we must be a part of it!